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Is Your ‘Holistic’ Training Really Preparing You For Your Sport?

To be the best player you can be, you need to be the best human you can be. What does this mean?

Gone are the days of sporting drills, gym work and running being the entirety of an elite team’s weekly routine. Being able to include work within your overall training regime to be more resilient, handle challenging situations better and control your emotions to your advantage are traits that all top-level performers practice.

True, all-encompassing training of an individual extends beyond just their physical abilities. This style of holistic training can be broken down into 5 separate categories; physical, technical, tactical, psychological and emotional.



Physical training can take many forms but all relate to the preparation of the body to handle movements and positions better. Running, jumping, lifting weights, throwing objects and holding positions are some of the main building blocks within the physical training realm.

This is one of the main two categories that the majority of people’s training will fall into and as such, most people aren’t lacking in this area. The effectiveness of your actual physical prep will differ greatly from person to person but there is likely little need to add additional time to this area, more so a reassessment of current methods if need be.