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5 Pieces of Coaching Wisdom I'd Tell My Younger Self.

Starting a new endeavor is always incredibly exciting. The world is your oyster, full of unexplored roads and limitless opportunities. Beginning your coaching journey is no different.

Having been coaching for over 7 years now, I wanted to take some time to reflect on my journey. Through this contemplation, I've distilled 5 key pieces of knowledge that would be invaluable to my younger self (or any other coach for that matter).

Let's start off with a nugget of gold.


1 - You don't know everything. You aren't expected to know everything.

Getting asked a series of questions that you aren't sure how to answer can leave an inexperienced coach grasping thin air for any semblance of an answer. It can seem a daunting prospect to be asked something by a client, who is paying you to have the answers, and having to tell them that you don't have the answers.

This is okay. Everyone is human. You aren't expected to know everything.

Clients are often far more forgiving and understanding when you are straight up with them and tell them that you aren't entirely sure. People's bullshit radar is far better than you may think.

Telling the individual that you need 24 hours to look into their question before you can present them with a suitable answer is completely okay and often, they'll appreciate the extra effort and attention to detail you're putting into their questions.


2 - Not every client wants you to flex your in-depth knowledge

If your client has no desire to learn the finer points of exercise and anatomy, why do you insist on explaining to them how you're using a lateral distraction to bias frontal plane activation through adductor upregulation?