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Shoulder Health eBook

Whether you're a 21 year old, elite athlete looking to improve your shoulder mobility and athletic output for your sport or a 55 year old with nagging shoulder issues who just wants to move better and reduce pain, this is the training resource you're after.


By gradually loading & mobilising our shoulders through a multitude of different positions and drills, we improve their ability to perform their role from a holistic standpoint. This program is flexible and malleable to your unique strengths, weaknesses and training capacity as the intesnity can be scaled up or down based on how YOU as an individual handle and react to the training. 


By having this level of variability built into the program, you have the tools to improve your joints over a long time period as well as the control to either follow the preset program or experiment and find what volume works best for yourself. 


Take advantage of this excellent resource and get your shoulders feeling great today.

Shoulder Health eBook

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