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3 Important Supplements for Health & Athletic Performance

First off, these are supplements designed to be added to an already healthy diet. Not substitutions as there are no substitutions for a balanced diet. The majority of your micronutrients should be coming in the way of natural sources from your food and drink.

Aiming to get an adequate amount of nutrients from your diet is good but you still may be missing pieces of the puzzle. Often, what is deemed a sufficient recommended daily intake isn’t close to the optimal amount when we’re talking maximisation of health & performance. The RDI’s in most cases are numbers that represent the minimal amount to not cause health issues, not the dosage you should be aiming for to get the best out of yourself. These numbers can easily be over triple what the RDI indicates.

This is where supplementation comes in clutch. Getting those boosters of micronutrients you may be deficient in can be very helpful. Magnesium, Gelatin + Vit C & Shilajit may not sound flashy and exciting but all have unique and important roles in the performance of an athlete.



Magnesium (Mg) is an essential mineral involved in energy metabolism, cardiorespiratory function, and muscle actions. The general population & physically active individuals have both been shown to have insufficient Mg intake. Exercise performance may be compromised with deficient Mg levels as it’s the second most common electrolyte.